Behind Blue Eyes



More than a body, more than a possession, no one’s toy, beyond daughter or  mother, definitely no one’s wife…She charts her own path, independent and resistant to societal norms …Not a woman born of erotic, even though their eyes seer through her skin when they stare like rabid dogs…Her sensuality  lies in her intellect and free-spirited nature, not in the shell of a body that encases her true essence.  Do they not see she is more, much more than a sexualized object for them to abuse and dispose of at will? Why can’t they see what they have done? Look into her eyes and you will find secrets she will never share, the pains she rarely feels while she is too numb at this point to care. Will they ever look her in the eyes instead of into her chest? Will they ever know the beauty of her mind far outweighs the flesh they seek to ravage?  And if they did love her mind, would they only seek to penetrate that as well? Once ravaged, do they care her heart beats a little softer, yet much heavier than before? Do they care her life breaths are stolen in every thrust of their swords, with every abandonment of emotion she falls deeper and deeper into the abyss of nothingness.  Do they think their money compensates for what she gives and they take in abundance, and why does she believe that somehow it could?  If you look into her eyes one can get lost, while somewhere behind them she exists in a lost world of her own…a place where she is free from the stolen looks, the abuse of her body, the dominance of an overarching patriarchal society that seeks to annihilate her spirit, and exploit her bountiful resources…a place where she is restored in mind, body, and spirit, far from the fragmented existence she calls life every day to survive…Do they even know when they see her walk by what it could be like to be her? Do they even care? Or is all they see just another privileged White woman who just must have it all? Do they realize there is nothing about being a woman that is so privileging, that because of that very quality she has been objectified and abused at all levels because there was always some man who felt entitled to do so? It was never a privilege to be pretty, or ideal…but they wouldn’t know when they could never look her in her eyes…For had they done so they would know she is much much more than all they things they made her into…She is not what you think…She is a woman of mystery, magnificence, intelligence, compassion…Fearless she is…A woman with a mission…to show the world all they miss when they fail to see…Behind blue eyes.





1. a person who refuses allegiance to, resists, or rises in arms against the government or ruler of his or her country.

2. a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition.


3. rebellious; defiant.

4. of or pertaining to rebels.

verb (used without object), re·bel.

5. to reject, resist, or rise in arms against one’s government or ruler.

6. to resist or rise against some authority, control, or tradition.

I believe it is our deepest inherent nature to live free of constrictions, control, tradition, societal ‘norms’, or anything that seeks to inhibit an individual’s potential expressive nature and being…whatever each individual person chooses of and for themselves we must trust, respect, and value that particular person’s knowing what is most true to and for their own highest natures. Be a rebel today and pave the way today for a new society…Besides doesn’t rebel = individual anyway?? What’s so ‘wrong’ with that?? Be empowered…
All love ~K

What Are You Being Today???


Have you ever considered that even the language we created to give ourselves identity is not representative of how we often times behave? We are not human “doings”, even though most of the world runs around in a frenzy trying to accomplish this or that, and everything in between. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS…Ask yourself what are you “being” today, in this moment, right now??? And most important if you’re not sure, then stop whatever you’re “doing” and resign yourself to JUST BE…isn’t that beautiful 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!               All love ~K